Thursday, September 17, 2015

Strangers Ministering To Strangers

Does not seem like two years has past since my brother Ned went to his eternal rest.
I think of him often and I remember how he suffered in the last weeks on this earth. I also remember how every day that I would visit, I  would read scripture and pray over him. And while he could no longer speak, his eyes did all the talking as he acknowledged what I read. His eyes danced with approval when I looked into his.  I knew then that he was at peace and ready.
Yet what was so amazing were the strangers that would come and minister to him. Some came in and sang that beautiful hymn, Amazing Grace. Not a dry eye in that room! But even more beautiful was Ned's eyes dancing experiencing God's beautiful grace!
 In turn my wife Pat and I had also  the opportunity  to minister to complete strangers and vice versa.
One lady in particular that I would like share with you all was a woman by the name of Mona. Her son, Steve, 33 years old was in ICU being prepped for a quadruple bypass surgery. Can you imagine the pain this single mother was experiencing to see her son going through such a procedure?  Well, as we spoke, Pat and I were able to comfort her and pray with her.
The following day, we prayed for Steve, his family and for the gifted surgeons. Our prayer was for healing and success during this surgery. Later on during the morning as I went to be with my brother, I went to the waiting room and found Mona and family there. When she saw me, she jumped up, hugged me and cried, “Steve is doing great, and the surgery was a success! Thank you for your prayers.” All I could say was, “Praise God and Amen and Amen!”
I was so humbled by this experience and all I could feel was God’s presence in that room and in my heart. The only thought that kept running through my mind was how wonderful it was to minister and to witness of an amazing God, just by talking to a complete stranger whose name I did not know until the following Sunday when we ran into each other again.
Hugging both Pat and I and again thanking us for praying for Steve. I give God all the honor and the glory for this!
Then there was a sweet elderly lady by the name of Jenny. I noticed no one ever visited her. So, one day Pat and I stopped by her room just to chat. I asked if she was ok and her response was yes. I asked if there was anything we could do for her and she asked that we pray for her.
We laid our hands upon her shoulders and prayed, what peace came over all of us at that moment. I assured that we would be back the following day. Her reply was, "I do not know if I will be here."
Sure enough, the following day Jenny was not there. No telling what happened to this dear sweet lady and of course due to privacy issues, the staff could not tell us. Yet there was a calm assurance she was fine regardless of where she was.
There was a lesson for me in all of this and that was to never pass the opportunity to minister to others even if they are complete strangers!
You never know when someone needs a loving word, a prayer or just a touch!
To God we give all honor and glory!

In Christ,

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