Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Preacher Man

This is a true story of a preacher and his family which took place in a small Colorado town in 1949.
The town has not grown much since then, in fact looking up its 2014 census; the population was a little over 500 people.  (135 households)
His church was extremely small, if there were more than 35 members that would be a generous number. The salary promised him was an amazing $25.00/per month. That is, if he was ever actually paid.
Many times, he and his family had to pick strawberries at a nearby patch to make a little money in order to buy enough food just to get by
One day, which happened to be a Sunday, after morning services, the family went home to an empty table. His wife was weeping because there was no food to feed the large family of seven. She was especially worried about the children which ranged in age from 4 to 10.
The preacher was visibly shaken at seeing his wife with tears running down her face. Yet after taking a deep breath, he told his wife to set the table as she normally did. She of course thought he was crazy and in a raised voice asked, “What is wrong with you? Can’t you see we have nothing at all? Look at the children! What are you thinking? But he insisted, “Let’s set the table as always. Let me help you.”
Tears by now were running down her face like a faucet. The children were crying as they were too young to understand what was going on. All they could understand was that they were hungry.
The table was set; The Preacher had his family sit around their small table as usual. They were told to grab each other’s hands while he gave thanks. By then, his wife and kids were sobbing uncontrollably. All the Preacher could do was ask that they believe.
For a moment, there was silence, the Preacher proceeded to pray and give thanks to God for the blessings they always received from His Hand and would continue to receive. As he concluded his prayer and was saying “Amen”, there was a knock at the door.
Rising from his chair, the Preacher went to the door, opened it and on the small porch was a covered basket with fried chicken and enough sides to feed his family.
I will never forget this story and the lesson I learned from it. This lesson is covered in Matthew 17: 14-21. It is about having faith in God, the size of a mustard seed. The Preacher Man applied this lesson and his prayer of faith that afternoon was answered by a knock at the door and a basket of food.
I knew this Preacher Man, he was my father!

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